Self Storage Units Near Me

Self Storage Unit Types

Whether you live in Helena or East Helena, you need a self storage unit or outdoor storage for a vehichle; through sun, rain and snow, Silvertip Storage Units has you covered.

It can be tricky to determine what type of storage unit is best, but understanding your needs and our benefits will make it easy for you to take back your space and peace of mind.

Self Storage Units

Self Storage units offer various benefits, making them a popular solution for individuals and businesses with diverse storage needs. Some key advantages include security, flexibility, accessibility, temporary storage, business storage, organization and decluttering. Self Storage Facilities can be similar with what they offer, but at Silvertip Storage we focus on how we provide our service to our customers. Check out our Google Reviews if you need a second opinion!

If you need some help deciding on how to best move into your new self storage unit, be sure to check out our Storage Unit Move-In Tips Guide.
East Helena Storage Unit

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor Storage Units are perfect for RVs, Boats and any type of vehichle. We provide a safe and cost efficient way for you to keep your summer or winter toys. Check out our Storage Unit Prices to see how much you save when you store your vehichles with us.
Helena Storage Units

RV Storage

Silvertip Storage knows how important RVs are for family road trips. Don't add an eye sore to your backyard. Take advantage of our large outdoor storage units.

Boat Storage

Conveniently located between the Helena area and Canyon Ferry Lake, our location is perfect for boat owners who want quick and easy access to take their boat to the lake. Our large lot and wide lanes make it the perfect space to store your boat.

Vehichle Storage

Whether you need to store your summer car, winter car, work truck, Montana vehichle or are just looking for more space in your garage, we have the cheapest prices in the Helena area for our small outdoor units.
Self Storage

Who Needs a Self Storage Unit?

Monthly Self Storage units are helpful for everyone in a pinch, but especially for a seasonal location like Helena, Montana. The benefits of living in Montana is the ability to take advantage of every season Mother Nature has to offer. The pain is dealing with all of our junk!

Storage Units also come in handy when dealing with major and minor life events. Whether you need a storage for the long term or short term, Silvertip Storage is here to offer the exact plan, size and unit type to meet your needs.

New Home Owners

Families expecting a new addition or growing in size may need additional space. Storage units offer a flexible solution for storing furniture, baby items, and other belongings temporarily. We care about our Montana citizens and are here for Helena families. Check out how we serve the Helena community.

Example Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 5'x10' (Small Garage)
  • 10'x10' (In Between Moves)
  • 10'x20' (Temporary Storage)

Home Sellers

Home Sellers may use a storage facility when staging or decluttering their home to enhance the visual appeal. It also makes facilitating home renovations and preparing for open houses easier. Determining the precise size of storage unit before you move in can be difficult. Our Storage Unit Size Calculator guide can help clear up the confusion.

Example Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 5'x10' (Temporary Storage)
  • 10'x30' (Showing your Home)
  • 13'x30' (Outdoor Unit)

Snow Birds

Travelers and digital nomads can benefit from storage units to securely store their belongings while they explore new destinations. It provides a stable and reliable storage solution. If you don't love negative degree weather and prefer Montana for its beautiful summers, be sure to check out our Winterizing Your Storage Unit blog.

Example Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 5'x10' (Seasonal Needs)
  • 12'x30' (RV Storage)
  • 13'x45' (Outdoor Boat)


College students, especially those in between semesters or studying abroad, can use storage units to keep their belongings safe during breaks. It's a convenient option for temporary storage. Don't fight with your roommates over the best couch. Just store it.

Example Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 5'x10' (Summer Storage)
  • 10'x20' (Split unit with roommates)
  • 12'x30' (Car Storage)

Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can utilize storage units to store inventory, equipment, or documents. It's a cost-effective solution to manage space constraints in your workspace. Tradesman and craft businesses commonly use storage units to keep their work at work.

Example Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 5'x10' (Seasonal Office Decorations)
  • 10'x10' (Office Supplies/Inventory)
  • 10'x30' (Large Inventory/Equipment)

Unexpected Moves

Individuals going through major life changes, like moving, divorce, or combining households, often find storage units vital. Store your belongings safely during transitions. We have a wide variety of plans to meet your short term and long term needs during difficult times.

Example Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 5'x10' (Downsizing/Minimialist)
  • 10'x10' (In Between Moves)
  • 13'x30' (Outdoor Boat)

Helena's Best Storage Units

Silvertip Storage is proud to serve the Helena community and our work shows it. We offer the best storage facilities package in the Helena and East Helena area with our self storage units, outdoor units, low prices and First Month Free special. Take back the space in your home and gain peace of mind. Give us a call at (406) 389-8120 and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or sign up online in a matter of minutes.