Maximizing Your Storage Unit Space

East Helena Storage Unit
Whether your storage unit size is as large an RV or small as a couch, there are many considerations when filling up your unit. In order to get the most value out of your rental unit, you need to optimize the space. Breaking the storage unit down into sections and following a few simple guidelines will help you get the most of your storage space.

What storage unit size is right for me?

Choosing the right storage unit size can feel like a game of Tetris as you try to imagine and rearrange your array of furniture and boxes. The issue many people run into is not knowing the exact sizing of the items they want to put into storage. If that’s your situation, check out our free size calculator and plug in all the items you want to store. It might even give you some ideas on how you want to arrange your many tetris pieces.

How to stack and arrange items in a storage unit.

Stacking boxes

Everyone has their own strategy when it comes to storing their valuables. One common method is stacking and it hopefully goes without saying, but you want your heavy items to be stacked on the bottom. A big mistake movers make is when they stack too many items on a light item and it becomes smashed as a result.

Same Sized Boxes and Bins

Another common stacking method is to only stack same sized boxes or bins on top of one another. This is essential to give your stack stability. Movers will need to consider this as they first purchase their moving equipment. When possible, purchase multiple boxes or bins of the same size so you will at least have the option to stack.

Air space and Heavy Items

Filling up what’s called “air space” is another common storage packing method. If you’re trying to get every inch out of your storage unit, you won’t want to leave any air spaces because they can add up quickly. Air spaces typically occur when you have many large items that don’t fit perfectly with one another and you leave a space that will only work for a small box or item. This is why movers will sometimes move in the larger items first and then move in smaller items periodically by filling up the air space or empty spots, before moving in the rest of their stuff. Now that we’ve covered how to store items from the bottom to the top of your unit, let’s discuss how to pack them from front to back. Depending on what you need from your storage unit, you may want to consider how often you will be needing certain items. Some people use self storage units so they can easily and quickly get seasonal items into and out of their unit. If they don’t store their items correctly, it can lead to a quick trip turning into a very long one where you’re digging through your entire storage unit. Be sure to pack your most used items last so they’re left in the front for easy access. Another option would be to pick a larger self storage unit, which would allow yourself walking space. Labeling Storage Boxes and Storage BinsNo matter how you store your items, it’s essential you label everything. You don’t want to turn your storage unit into a game of finding a needle in a haystack. Labeling boxes will also force you to categorize your boxes into certain items. Try to only pack similar items into the same box or your labeling will turn into more of a novel.

How to safely pack your items into a storage unit facility.

Storing valuable and fragile items into a self storage unit facility can be very nerve wracking. Following as many safety procedures as possible will bring you both protected items and peace of mind. The best safety storage supplies include furniture pads, bubble pouch bags, specific sized boxes and bins (for specialty items like tvs), packing paper, and packing peanuts. Safely packing your items into appropriate boxes and bins will allow you to confidently move your items where they need to go in your rental unit to maximize the space out of your storage unit.
Storage units give us peace of mind and more room to breathe once the items are properly stored. Picking the right unit size and storing items properly is the only thing standing in your way. At Silvertip Storage, we help all of our customers feel more confident with their storage unit needs and decisions. We are centrally located in Helena, Montana and are always happy to jump on a call to discuss any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out and good luck with your future storage packing games of Tetris!

August 8th, 2023