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July 8th, 2023

Storage unit facilities are usually needed when moving into new houses and apartments, but picking the right one is a guessing game if you don’t do your homework. While there are many different storage unit options, knowing the ins and outs of the storage units near you can often make the difference between a successful move and one where you leave that poor couch on the side of the road. Silvertip Storage storage units are centrally located in East Helena and serve the greater Helena as a whole, but this guide can be applied to any storage unit needs.

When are storage unit facilities needed?

While many people think storage units are only needed when you’re moving, there are many other situations where having affordable storage is a great option. Storage units will come in handy when needing extra storage for seasonal needs, organizing seasonal equipment, college students going away for the summer, military deployments, home renovations and something as simple as wanting more space in the home. Another service storage unit facilities provide is when you need to store larger items like RVs, boats and cars. Since there are so many reasons to use storage units, let’s dive into how to pick the right facility for your specific needs.

How to pick the right Storage Unit?

Storage units can be broken down into two main categories, Self Storage and Full Service.

Self Storage Units

  • Self storage, similar to the Silvertip Storage facility is easily the most popular option and will typically be the best value for your money. Self storage facilities allow for individuals to pick up and drop off items as needed. Because individuals come and go as they please, any self storage facility you consider should absolutely include a security camera system. We’ll discuss more facility requirements a bit later.

Full Service Units

  • Full service units can be handy when you’re hiring a full service moving company and they also provide storage units. The downside of full service facilities are the sometimes difficult methods of access and price.
Storage Unit SizesStorage Units come in all shapes and sizes. This is often the number one consideration when signing up for your storage needs. Determining your sizing needs in advance of moving in can save you a lot of hassle up front. Silvertip Storage provides a range of sizes and flexible pricing, which allows users to get the most bang for their buck depending on their needs. Transferring from a smaller unit to a larger unit is often a common need and is another reason to go with a facility with a range of storage unit sizes.

Silvertip Storage Unit Sizes

Self Storage, 24 hour Drive-up Access, Exterior Lighting, 24 Hour Security Camera Monitoring, Individual Key Code Entry System.
  • 5’x10
  • ’10’x10’
  • 10’x20’
  • 11’x20’
  • 10’x30’

Outdoor Boat/RV Storage, Drive-up Access, Exterior Lighting, 24 Hour Security Camera Monitoring, Individual Key Code Entry System, 24 Hour Access
  • 13’x30’
  • 13’x45’

Storage Unit Prices and Discounts

The second most often considered factor when determining the right storage unit is how much it will cost. Sauvy shoppers will also know they should consider discounts when first signing up for a service. For example, Silvertip Storage charges $55 for a 5’x10’ unit, but also offers the first month free with a 6 month rental term. This is essentially a 16% discount many other Helena storage unit facilities aren’t providing. Wherever you rent, be sure to do your research and uncover those hidden gems. Social media and the business’ websites are a great place to find this information.

Location: Storage Units Near Me

The location of the storage units are another important consideration, but the distance you should consider will vary depending on what you’re storing. While a general rule of thumb is keep your drive to your facility within 20 minutes, this might not make sense depending on your situation. For example, boat storage would probably need to be closer to your local lake rather than closer to where you live. Doing a quick Google search of “storage units near me” will give you a range of storage unit options and is a great place to start if location is what matters most to your needs.

Important Storage Facility Considerations

Outside of the major considerations like pricing, sizing and location; there are other important considerations. Everyone’s needs are different but these other facility options should be researched no matter your specific storage needs.
  • Rental Agreement
  • Lease
  • Security Cameras
  • 24 hour access
  • Day availability
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use

What about Outdoor Storage Units?

Another important service Storage Unit Facilities provide outside of storage units, is outdoor storage for larger items like boats, RVs and cars.
  • Boat Storage: This is a great option for people living in seasonal climates like Montana! No one wants a large item like a boat taking up space in their backyard.
  • RV Storage: RV storage is another niche need, but matching your storage unit needs to your RV storage needs can save you some trips when choosing your storage facility provider. Vacationing is often a cyclical need and storage unit facilities are a great place to store them both for security and convenience.
  • Car Storage: Storing your car for the winter or seasonal purposes can be especially helpful if you have multiple vehicles . You most likely don't have a security camera system setup at home and thus storage facilities are often used for car storage.
Silvertip Storage provides self storage units and outdoor storage to the Helena community. We’re a brand new business with both competitive pricing and free first month discounts. Thank you for reading and feel free to click here to learn more about our available units and pricing.

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